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The Society

Registered with the FCA in England

No. 31255R

In August 2011 the Brill Village Community Herd Society was formed. This is a formal ‘Society for the Benefit of the Community’, which is a non-profit making society regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In other areas this format has been used to set up community owned shops or pubs, but as far as we know BVCH is the only 'community owned' herd. The society is open to everyone who is interested in conserving  precious open spaces on payment of an annual membership fee (£5) which includes a nominal £1 share.  Many of our shareholders have also made generous donations. Every member receives a share certificate. The majority of our shareholders are villagers, however other individuals who have a particular fondness for Brill and its Common have also joined. The Society also has a number of junior members, children under 16 years old; an encouraging sign.


From our title it is evident that we feel community and community spirit is important and it has been satisfying that newcomers, villagers and those who were born and bred in Brill have all come together to support the herd.

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